psychotherapy & COUNSELLING

Welcome to my home on the internet. I am delighted you're here. Are you looking for psychological support? If so, please take a look around. If you feel I offer the type of therapy you are looking for, please contact me. I would love to talk with you. Steven



I am passionate about living a fulfilled life.


Our fulfilment, satisfaction, and general feeling of well-being is deeply rooted in positive and satisfying relationships.


How we relate to ourselves, to others, and to our environment is at the core of much of our psychological distress.

I offer a safe space for conversation, exploration, and treatment, for both individuals and couples, where you can be authentic and real and free from judgement.


I will work with you for as long as you need to resolve whatever is causing you difficulty or distress. Everything we discuss will be treated with the deepest respect and confidence.


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